blue buffaloInfuenced by Darren Wershler-Henry’s reasoning in his Fall 2003 feature article in THIS Magazine (Writers of the World, Unclench), I began sharing my poetry under Creative Commons on my blog.
In september, my friends
The Mink Manifesto
Recreation Guilt
very close, very wet

Past Work
My 1989 debut publication in the Alberta Poetry Yearbook was an Honourable Mention for On a Wing. Since then, my work has been published in various Alberta-based literary magazines. I received another Honourable Mention in the 2002 Filling Station contest for Banff Postcards and Boreal.

prairie journal

Along the way, I’ve been blessed with the mentorship of poets Daphne Marlatt and Elizabeth Philips through the Banff Centre’s Wired Writing Studio , and Susan Musgrave through University of British Columbia’s MFA in Creative Writing.

alpine journal

prairie fire