Creative Non-Fiction

bar9My memoir piece, Mushrooms and Memory, was longlisted in the 2015 carte blanche contest. Here’s what a reader had to say about the story: “Thank you for writing something I have in my heart but never knew how to express in words.” ~ Giulia De Gasperi, translator & editor, Radici Translation and Wordcraft

I approach creative nonfiction not as a genre, but as a mode of writing that can be explored in various genres. I started focusing on this genre during my MFA, studying with Wayne Grady. I immediately realized I had been writing CNF all along. It’s just that everyone called it poetry.


Hinterqueer in the City, Plenitude Magazine, 2015

The “you” in memoirCBC Canada Writes, 2013

Banff Reality Tour, CBC Hyperlocal contest, 2013

Rainbow Bridge, finalist in CBC Hyperlocal contest, 2013

Fish NetsBiWomen Boston’s Summer 2010 issue, ‘Bodies’

Coming Out of the Straitjacket – Trivia issue 11, October 2010

Wide Heart, winner in The Creative Nonfiction Collective‘s 2009 contest