Client Testimonials

“What impressed me the most about Monica’s editing skills is the way she managed toMonica Meneghetti _Linkedin_01 grammatically correct my writing but keep my Caribbean voice throughout the pages. She went above and beyond as my editor, and mentored me through the difficult process of writing and rewriting my memoir. Because of her, I am now the author I have dream of being.” ~ Jean V. Roberts,Holistic Health & Life Coach and author of Secrets of an Island Girl: How I Lost and Found My Mind in Paradise

“Monica has a deep love for the written word. I treasured working with her from the very beginning. She is clear and to the point, asking questions every so often to make sure she can deliver what the author needs. Monica always kept her deadlines, and keeps her clients in the loop concerning her progress.

Her edits are very good. She strikes a perfect balance: helps to move style and grammar a big step forward, while at the same time helping to enhance the author’s voice rather than stifling it.

As Monica and I worked our way through my book, I felt us both, as well as the book, steadily grow with the process. While incorporating her edits, I could physically feel myself growing as a writer. At the same time I also felt Monica’s edits becoming ever more insightful and to the point.

It is no exaggeration to say that Monica has been indispensable in the process of finishing my manuscript. In the years to come, I will no doubt turn to her, whenever I will be in need of an intuitive, competent editor.” ~ Liam Klenk, writer, theatre professional, and former show diver for Franco Dragone’s The House of Dancing Water in Macau.

“I hired Monica to edit a story that I had written.  I wasn’t happy with the way the story flowed but Monica suggested ways that I could improve the story.  My story is better than ever now.  I submitted it into a writing competition. Thanks Monica!” ~ J. Blair, Vancouver writer and student

I customize my services to your needs, drawing from my expertise in:
• literary translation and foreign languages (I am fluent in French and Italian, with basic German, and Spanish comprehension)
• manuscript development, stylistic editing, copy editing
• creativity coaching
• writing, writing instruction, tutoring
• ESL and pronunciation coaching
• cross-disciplinary artistic collaboration